Why Does My Xbox One Turn on by Itself?

My Xbox One

An Xbox One can start up in a variety of ways.

By taking a look at these potential causes, you can get your Xbox One to stop turning on so that you can enjoy silence without it roaring to death.

The original Xbox One used a capacitive button rather than a traditional power button. As a result, it is simpler to unintentionally turn on the console.

faulty Xbox controllers If the Xbox One is not controlled via the controller, it could seem to switch on by itself.

controls for HDMI controls for consumer electronics TVs can manage HDMI devices thanks to HDMI (HDMI-CEC). might be utilised to activate your Xbox One every time your TV is turned on.

Issues with Cortana: Cortana has the potential to misunderstand a command and activate the Xbox One.

When the instant-on option is turned on, your Xbox One will never entirely shut down.

Updates that are downloaded and installed automatically may cause a console to switch on by itself.

Xbox One Power Buttons Can Be Touchy

The original Xbox One included a capacitive power button in place of a physical button. The Xbox One uses the same technology as your tablet, touchscreen smartphone, or laptop to detect your fingers when you want to switch it on instead of pushing a button.


The capacitive power buttons may have a sleek appearance, but they are susceptible to damage from debris such as dirt, food, and dust. By lightly brushing their hands against the Xbox One’s front, a young child might potentially unintentionally turn the device on or off. By pushing the power button, pets can also turn on or off an original Xbox One.

Make sure that pets and kids cannot get your original Xbox One if it is in a cabinet or shelf in your entertainment centre. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean the console’s front if it is not in an entertainment centre cabinet or on a shelf.

The only Xbox One with a capacitive power switch is the original model. The Xbox One S and Xbox One X both have a physical power button. It’s a smart idea to keep your console out of the reach of kids and animals.

The Xbox One Controller accidentally turns on the device.

The ability to turn off the system using the controllers is a useful feature of contemporary consoles like the Xbox One. Wireless controllers are used. Although this is akin to using the remote to switch on your TV, it might also mean that one of your controllers could turn on your console.

The power button, which you use to access your guide, also turns on the Xbox One controller. Pushing or pressing the power button is the main reason why an Xbox One controller accidently turns on most of the time.

In less typical circumstances, your Xbox One might also start up on its own.

If you keep the controller secure and away from the power button, you can remove the batteries. If your console powers on automatically, you don’t need to remove the batteries.

Xbox One is turned on through HDMI Consumer Electronic Control.

Blu-ray players, game consoles, and other HDMI devices may all be controlled by TVs thanks to HDMI-CEC. If your TV has this feature, your Xbox One might turn on. By using this capability, devices like your Xbox One can instruct the TV to choose the appropriate input when it is turned on.

To prevent your Xbox from coming on, you can switch off the HDMI-CEC feature on your TV. You should refer to your TV’s owner’s manual if you can’t find the HDMI-CEC option.

Xbox One Cortana Power Issues

Similar to Siri or Google Assistant, Cortana is Microsoft’s virtual assistant. You may use it on your Xbox One, though. Cortana can listen in on TV or console chats and infer that you’re asking it to switch on your Xbox One.

Cortana can be used with either a headset or a Kinect, however the feature that lets you switch the system on with your voice requires a Kinect. Even if you don’t have a Kinect, you can still accomplish this.

You can stop Cortana from turning on your Xbox One if you have a Kinect. When you’re not using your Kinect, simply disconnect it. Cortana will start your Xbox One if this resolves your issue.

To prevent Cortana from turning on your Xbox One while it is still plugged in, disable Instant On.

Xbox Enters Low Power Mode Due to Instant-On

When you turn off your Xbox One, it can appear to be shutting off. But it’s not, really. The Xbox One’s low power mode is currently turned off by default. This enables it to swiftly reactivate. Using voice commands, you can instantly turn on the console thanks to instant-on. Also possible are automated updates.

Not always is instant-on the best choice. The console uses extremely little electricity even when it isn’t in use. Leaving this option on will eventually cost you additional money, albeit it won’t be much.

How to disable the Instant-on function

Here’s how to turn off instant-on.

The Guide button should be used to turn on your controller.

  • Go to Settings under the menu.
  • Select Power & startup > Power mode & start from the menu.
  • Choose the Power mode.
  • Pick Energy Conservation.
  • Switch off your console.

Automatic Updates on Xbox One Start the Device

Even when you aren’t using your Xbox One, instant-on enables it to download new updates automatically. Due to the fact that all updates are accessible as soon as your console is turned on, this function might help you save a lot of time.

The issue is that having your Xbox One switch on by itself can be a little weird, especially if it happens at a calm hour of the night.

Even worse is if you fall asleep while using the console in the room. You awaken to the sound of the fan and find the Xbox One power button lighting up the room.

The Guidebutton should be used to turn on your controller.

If you turn off instant-on, your Xbox won’t be able to activate automatic updates. This is an excellent technique to prevent automated updates from turning off your console in the middle of the night if you don’t want instant-on enabled.

If you don’t want to use instant-on, you can disable it. Alternately, you can disable automatic updates and leave it enabled.

The Guidebutton should be used to turn on your controller.

  • Go to Settings under the menu.
  • Select Downloads & Updates under System.
  • Remove the checkmark next to and update my console.

Remove the checkmarks from the box next to Keep me games & apps current to stop your console from turning on automatically when you download a file from your phone or computer.