Star Wars Jedi Survivor Undercity Meats: Where To Find All Essences Collectibles

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Undercity Meats Essences are collectibles you can obtain as you try to escape enemy territory on Coruscant and find out what happened to your remaining crew.

There are two essences you need to find, one increases max health and the other increases max power.

Also, the collectibles are required if you want to complete the Coruscant planet 100%.

However, it is important to know that only one Essence collectible can be obtained when you first visit the Undercity’s meat area. Secondly, you must return after unlocking the Electric Arrow, which is possible during the completion of the campaign in the Fogged Expanse region.

So if you’re having trouble getting the two Essence collectibles in the meat section of Undercity, don’t hesitate to look SW Jedi Survivor instructions below.

Coruscant Undercity Meats Essences location map

As you can see in the map below, the essences are close to each other and can be obtained right after getting the Undercity Meats Treasure.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Undercity Meats Essences Locations Map

Note that there is a meditation point in the area and we will start our search for the two collectibles from there.

Essence #1 (Health Essence): In front of some pipes

The first essence you can get in the meat section of Undercity Star Wars Jedi Survivor is found by first going to the wall with the grappling point, close enough to the meditation point.

Climb the wall by pressing - GameClubz/- GameClubz button on your PlayStation/Xbox controller and then head left through the corridor.

Walk down the corridor and take the first right to get to a big yellow door.

To open the door you need to use an Electro Arrow (assuming you’ve already unlocked it and returned to that location) on the blue spark cylinder.

Look up while facing the big yellow door to spot the blue spark cylinder.

Once you open the door, surprise, surprise, you’ll be attacked by a legendary Frenzied Jotaz enemy who’s going to put up with quite a fight.

We are sure that in the end you will emerge victorious from the battle, and then you can enter the newly opened room to find Undercity’s first Flesh Essence collectible in front of some whistles.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Undercity Meats Essences locations

Essence #2 (Force Essence): In a small lit area

For the second collectible you have to leave the room from which you got the health essence and go through the smaller door on the right, which can be opened by BD-1.

Then you will find yourself in a dark room where you need to find the second essence in a smaller lit area on the left.

To see in dark places you can use your lightsaber as a flashlight by holding it down - GameClubz/- GameClubz.

SW Jedi Survivor Undercity Meats Essences Locations

Interact with the collectible and you’re done; You received both Star Wars Jedi Survivor Undercity Meat Essences. But you can now move on to the next area and grab the Freight Handling Depot Essence, or check out our wiki hub here for other collectibles and puzzles.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Undercity Meats: Where To Find All Essences Collectibles