Star Wars Jedi Survivor Sodden Grotto Essence Location

Soggy Grotto is a small one Star Wars Jedi Survivor Area on the planet Koboh where you can complete a rumor and find eight collectibles along the way.

One of those collectibles is the Sodden Grotto Essence, which rewards you with a new perk, the first one when you get to the small area early in the video game.

The collectible doesn’t require any special skills or upgrades to get it, although you’ll have to defeat a legendary enemy, which can be difficult depending on the difficulty of the game.

You also need to find the collectible and below SW Jedi Survivor Sodden Grotto Essence Location Guide, we’re here to help.

Koboh Sodden Grotto Essence location map

First you need to reach the Sodden Grotto mine, which is located near the Southern Reach area and it would be best to start from the Rambler’s Reach Outpost Meditation Point.

Facing the settlement, turn left to see a vine-covered wall.

Climb the wall and once you’re at the top, look left to see the entrance to said mine.

Now you should check them out SW Jedi Survivor Map of Sodden Grotto below to see the exact location of the essence.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Sodden Grotto Essence location map

Also, we explain how to get the collectible exactly.

Essence #1 (Shatter Perk): In a pit

The easiest way to get the collectible is to fast travel to the Sodden Grotto Meditation Point, but this is not possible if this is your first time exploring the mine.

So let’s walk to the Sodden Grotto Essence by first going into the mine and then continuing along the linear path until you come to a junction.

Take the path to the right and use your lightsaber to cut the wires to continue.

Then go right, go straight and push through when you reach a tight spot.

Now turn right and keep walking until you get to the mentioned meditation spot.

You can also find two of the four Sodden Grotto databases near the save point.

Now from the meditation point, approach the ledge that leads to a pit where you can see the SW Jedi Survivor essence glows.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Sodden Grotto Essence Location

Drop and surprise, surprise, a legendary rancor enemy appears.

The boss enemy definitely won’t let you take the essence without a fight, so good luck because he’s quite challenging if you get here early in the game.

But we’re sure you’ll emerge victorious from the fight, and if you just don’t pull it off, you should come back later when you’re stronger.

Once you’ve defeated the rancor, approach the Essence collectible and interact with it to get your reward.

SW Jedi Survivor Sodden Grotto Essence Location

Well done Jedi! You managed to get it Star Wars Jedi Survivor Drenched grotto essence. But if you’re looking for more collectibles, be sure to visit our wiki hub page here.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Sodden Grotto Essence Location