Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels Chest Location

After taking a nap in Pyloon’s Saloon and talking to Greez about your plan to keep fighting the Empire Star Wars Jedi Survivorhe will show you a secret entrance through the smuggler’s tunnels.

The Smuggler’s Tunnel Chest is one of the 14 collectibles obtainable in this area and it is mandatory to collect it if you want to get a 100% completion rate of the game.

On your first visit to the area while working on the Find the gyro module Main objective, most of the collectibles cannot be achieved as you need to unlock special skills.

Luckily, you can open the Smuggler’s Tunnel Chest the first time and collect its contents. Therefore, follow our guide to know the location of the smuggler’s tunnels chest in the action video game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Koboh Smuggler’s Tunnel chest location map

As you can see on the map below, we’ve marked the location of the collectible chest in the smuggler’s tunnels right in the water of the small lake.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smuggler's Tunnels Chest location map

Let’s see how to get the smuggler’s tunnel chest and how to open it.

Chest #1 (Tactical Pants): At the bottom of a small lake

Once you enter the smuggler’s tunnels through the secret entrance of Pyloon’s Saloon, jump across the gap and grab one of the database entries on the right.

Follow the path until you reach a room full of little creatures. Behind the waterfall is one of the essence collectibles in the area.

After grabbing the essence, get on the platform where you defeated the creatures and run onto the ridged wall to reach a blockage. Press (R2)/(RT) to destroy it and get to the next room.

In this room, look down the ledge to find the small lake we mentioned earlier.

From here, jump down (don’t worry, you won’t die) and press (Square)/(X) to dive under water.

At the bottom of the lake you’ll find the Smuggler’s Tunnel’s only chest, which contains Tactical Pants, a clothing item for Cal.

Location of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor's Smuggler's Tunnel chest

And this is how you find the collectible chest in the Smuggler’s Tunnel area of ​​Koboh Planet. Be sure to check Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki Hub here for more helpful guides like this one.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels Chest Location