Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skylane Regulation Station: Where To Find The Databank Collectible

Similar to the cargo handling depot, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor The Skylane Regulation Station Databank collectible is easily accessible and can be accessed on your first visit to this area of ​​the Coruscant planet in the action-adventure video game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

The Skylane Regulatory Station is the final area Cal must traverse before reaching the Mantis in Hangar 2046-C, and since it’s fairly small, it only contains one collectible item, which is a Database Scan.

As with all other scans, this collectible also requires you to find a specific item and have it scanned by BD-1 for additional information.

Since the Skylane Regulatory Station database counts toward 100 percent completion on Coruscant, the following guide covers its location.

Map of the Coruscant Skylane Regulation Station database

On the map below you can see the exact location of the Database Collectible in the Skylane Regulatory Station area.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skylane Regulation Station Database Location Map

As you can see, the object you need to scan is waiting in front of a small elevator that will take you to the upper floor. Now let’s see where to find said elevator and how to get close to it.

Database #1 (Gonk Droid): Next to an elevator

To get to the elevator in question, you must first deal with the Ninth Siter, a character you may remember Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

After defeating the Ninth Sister, look around and you’ll notice a damaged pipe (see image below).

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skylane Regulation Station Database Collectible Location

The fire emanating from the damaged pipe blocks a crack in the wall, so BD-1 must first push open the connector on the right side of the pipe down on their - GameClubz.

Now push yourself between the objects or the crack in the wall (also marked above) to go to a new section where you will find a meditation spot.

From the meditation point, follow down the stairs and you will come to a door. Open it and in the corridor behind it you will see an elevator on the right.

Before taking the elevator to the next floor, scan the nearby black droid by pressing down on their - GameClubz when BD-1 is next to it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Coruscant Skylane Regulation Station Database Collectible

Well done! After finding the Skylane Regulation Station collectible, get ready to enter Hangar 2046-C and make sure to check ours Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki guides if you need help with your next collectible collection.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skylane Regulation Station: Where To Find The Databank Collectible