Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Treasures Locations

Star Wars Jedi Survivor The Riverbed Watch area is on the planet Koboh, and if you explore it carefully you can find twelve collectibles, including two treasures.

The Riverbed Watch Treasures bring you two Priorite Shards, which you can exchange for all sorts of cool rewards in Doma’s shop in the Rambler’s Reach outpost.

However, the collectibles aren’t that easy to find, and it’s quite possible to miss them if you don’t know exactly where to look.

So it might not be a bad idea to follow our location guide below before you start looking for SW Jedi Survivor Collectibles from Riverbed Watch Treasures.

Koboh Riverbed Watch Treasures Locations Map

On the next map we’ve marked the locations of the two treasures in the Riverbed Watch area and also the spot in Southern Reach from where you have to make a big jump to get to one of the collectibles.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Treasures Locations Map

If you’ve already unlocked the Treasure Map upgrade, you probably don’t need the map above.

To continue, we’re going to talk about each Treasure collectible starting with the hardest to get to.

Treasure #1 (Priority Shard): On a container

Before you do this Star Wars Jedi Survivor Collectible, make sure you’ve already unlocked the Dash ability, then head to the Southern Reach Meditation Point.

Now go straight to reach the rim where you can see a waterfall on the right and a vine-covered wall in front of it.

Then you have to go to the wall mentioned, either by going down the slope to the left, or by climbing the nearby relter (big bird) and flying down.

Once you reach the wall, climb it and use the two metal bars to get to the other side of the gap.

Now go through the pools of water until you reach another gap that you have to cross using the rope you see in front.

When you get to the other side, go forward and you will shortly reach the spot from where you have to make the big jump.

So approach the ledge and look down to see a round structure that you need to land on the roof of.

The trick is to jump as far as you can, wait a second, then jump again and dash (- GameClubz/- GameClubz) to bridge the remaining distance to the roof.

Then drop off the roof and look for the first collectible Riverbed Watch Treasure in a container on the edge of the cliff, near one of the entrances into the round structure.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Treasures Collectible Locations

Treasure #2 (Priority Shard): By the river

Once you got the previous collectible, look for the rope link that will take you from cliff to cliff SW Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Meditation Point.

Using another shortening of rope, go further down near the save point, then go forward to the river and climb onto the rock next to the light pole.

Then look for a scavenger droid that you must quickly destroy before it runs away.

When the droid escapes, go to a meditation spot, rest, then return to find the slippery little guy back in the same place.

After smashing the droid, you can collect the treasure from the remains.

SW Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Treasures Collectibles Locations

Good! Now that you’ve collected both Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Treasures, you can search for the Seed Pods in the same area. Also, don’t hesitate to visit our wiki hub page here if you need help with other collectibles and puzzles.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Riverbed Watch Treasures Locations