Star Wars Jedi Survivor Renovation Site 4733: Where To Find All Chests Collectibles

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Renovation Site 4733 is the second area of ​​the Coruscant planet that you will explore during the Reunite with your crew on the yacht main quest and has two collectible chests.

These two Renovation Site 4733 chests are a must to collect if you want to achieve a 100% completion rate of this area and the Coruscant planet.

Inside these chests you can find different types of cosmetics that you can use to change your outfit, your lightsaber, and even paint your BD-1 drone a different color.

So follow our detailed Star Wars Jedi Survivor Location guide if you want to learn where to find and collect both Renovation Site 4733 chests in the action-adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Renovation location 4733 chest location map

As mentioned above, the Renovation Site 4733 area only contains two collectible chests, one of which is quite difficult to find.

The first collectible chest is in a small room relatively early on, while the second is in a hidden location behind some curved blue and white billboards.

On the map below we’ve marked the two locations of the chests of renovation site 4733.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Renovation Site 4733 Chests Locations Map

However, if you are having trouble finding these chests, below are detailed instructions.

Collector’s Box #1 (Coruscant Paint): In a small room

After ziplining off the rooftops of Coruscant and reaching renovation site 4733, you will be prompted for Wall Run instructions on the corrugated walls.

After passing the first two ridge walls, you will reach a slope with water running down it. To the left of that slippery slope is one of the three Treasure collectibles we’ve covered here.

Now, to the right of that slippery slope, you can walk on the ridge wall to climb to the top. At the top you’ll find a door with a flashing red terminal.

Approach the terminal and press directional pad down to open the door with your drone and reveal the first chest “Renovation Site 4733” which contains a BD-1 material – Coruscant paint.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Renovation Site 4733 Chest

Collection Chest #2 (Grip Patience): Behind the curved bright billboards

The second and final collectible chest in Renovation Site 4733 is a little further in the area.

Follow the quest marker until you reach the meditation point, which is near one of the four database collectibles. Rest and spend your skill points if you have any.

Keep following the linear path where you have to pass a closed bar with another database entry.

You’ll eventually have to go over a pipe, which will collapse once you jump halfway, and you’ll end up between a bunch of stormtroopers. During this fight you will also unlock a special ability that allows you to slow down enemies by pressing L3 + R3.

Defeat them all and advance to fight another group of enemies. After that, push the big yellow cube of power and climb up the yellow and orange painted grate, then use the monkey bar to climb across a gap to reach a curved blue and white billboard.

We’re getting closer. Now run onto this curved billboard and climb up the grate. At the top, turn around and walk onto two more curved billboards.

Since these two billboards are too big, it’s impossible to wall run in a single pass, so you have to jedi flip back on them to continue the wall run.

After getting past these two billboards, look for an orange-lit alleyway to find the second collectible chest in the Renovation Site 4733 area at the far end, which contains a Lightsaber Hilt – Patience.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Renovation Site 4733 Chest Collector Location

Retrace your steps to the main path after finding the second chest and don’t forget to check ours Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki hub for more collectible locations.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Renovation Site 4733: Where To Find All Chests Collectibles