Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler’s Reach Outpost Essences Locations

If you’re wondering where to find them Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler’s Reach Outpost Essences, then you should know that similar to the Force Tears we’ve already covered, the two essences are pretty hard to get.

Besides, the two SW Jedi Survivor Rambler’s Outpost Essences is best approached after completing the story, because to get them you need all of Cal’s skills; Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach the collectibles, which requires a bit of work.

The two Rambler’s Reach essences in Star Wars Jedi Survivor are also locked behind two puzzles but don’t worry because in the following guide we are going to tell you what to do to get them.

Koboh Rambler’s Reach Outpost Essence Locations Map

Before discussing the puzzles you need to solve in order to get your hands on the two essences in the Rambler’s Reach outpost hub area of ​​the planet Koboh, make sure you check them out Star Wars Jedi Survivor Map below and visualize their locations.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler's Reach Outpost Essences Locations Map

As you can see, both essences are in the buildings behind Doma’s Outpost Commodities. The problem is that the doors to the buildings are locked.

How to open both locked doors and get these two Rambler’s Reach Outpost collectibles.

Essence #1 (XP Essence): In the house of Soont Madas

The first essence is in a house where you will meet Soont Madas, a grumpy NPC. You will find said house in the first place marked on the map above.

To get in, while standing in front of the door, forcefully pull the metal plate on the right side of the entrance. This shows a switch that BD-1 can cut.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler's Reach Outpost Essences Locations Guide

Now slam the door behind the cables by pressing - GameClubz+- GameClubz/- GameClubz+- GameClubz on your PlayStation/Xbox controller. Finally, cut the wires at the entrance and zoom through the green force field. Keep in mind that, as mentioned earlier, the Dash ability is unlocked as the story progresses.

Once in the house you will need to talk to Soont Madas as the essence is in his locked basement.

Approach the NPC, then make sure to follow these dialogue options:

Now turn around and you will see that Soont Mandas has opened a trap door leading to his basement.

Follow the stairs down and collect the first essence in Rambler’s Outpost. As you can see, it sits next to an Echo Cal that Kestis can recognize to unlock one of the 10 databases.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler's Outpost Essences Locations Guide

Essence #2 (XP Essence): In a locked house

The second essence in Rambler’s Reach Outpost or Navel City is even trickier as it involves a riddle and some recruits. You can find it in the second location marked on the map above, another building with a blocked door.

In order to unlock the door, you must first recruit the Jawas, and these fun NPCs can be found in the past settlement. Specifically at the top of the past settlement.

To recruit the Jawa, you must first traverse the Untamed Downs region; Then you have to complete a platform challenge from the meditation point of the past settlement. The idea here is to get to the top of the past settlement where you have to save the Jawa from some droids and Bedlam Raiders.

Once you rescue them, they’ll move to the Rambler’s Reach outpost and you’ll find them in front of the house you need to unlock.

By rescuing the Jawa in Bygone Settlement, remove the panels covering the blue fuse marked below. This fuse must be activated with the Electro Dart from BD-1; But before that, you need to transfer the power from the current door to the door you need to open.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Koboh Rambler's Reach Outpost Essences Locations Guide

To do this, climb onto the roof of the house in the center and route the cable from the panel on the right (marked above) to the panel on the left (also marked above).

Finally, return to the door you need to open and use BD-1’s Electric Arrow to activate the fuse and open the blocked door.

Go inside and you will find the second essence in the Rambler’s Reach outpost area.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler's Reach Outpost Essences Collectibles Locations Guide

And that’s it, Jedi! You’ve just collected both Outpost Essences from Rambler’s Reach, so how about picking up our SW Jedi survivor Strategy guide to get the remaining collectibles? And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler’s Reach Outpost Essences Locations