Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path Of Conviction Puzzle Guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Conviction is one of the three required puzzles that you must solve in order to unlock and access the Wayfinder’s Tomb in Jedha Planet and get the Treasures Locations Display Map upgrade.

In order to complete the Path of Conviction puzzle, it is imperative to unlock the Upgraded Ascension Cable during the Follow Rayvis Main objective on your second visit to Shattered Moon.

The Path of Conviction puzzle requires the speed of a Podracer and the precision of a Jedi Knight, so buckle up for a challenge.

As such below Star Wars Jedi Survivor we will tell you where to find the Path of Conviction and its collectibles and how to solve the riddle in the area to get your reward.

Where to Find Jedha Path of Conviction Puzzle

Path of Conviction can be reached through the Arid Flats area of ​​the Jedha Planet as marked in the image below.

You can fast travel to Arid Flats Meditation Point or Desert Ridge Meditation Point, hop on a Spamel (the giant mount) and follow the path through the desert to the Path of Conviction.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Confidence Location Map - GameClubz

Now let’s see how to solve the Path of Conviction puzzle and grab all the collectibles along the way.

How to solve the Jedha Path of Conviction puzzle

When you face the ruins of the Path of Conviction, look left to find two floating machines to deal with with the Upgraded Ascension Cable.

Grab the first one and jump onto the second one, then aim for the left side of the cliff terrace.

Deal with the soldiers around the cliff terrace, then check the small alcove on your right. Below you can see two droids guarding the Path of Conviction chest with weapon material – wood.

After collecting the chest, find a grappling hook on the left, use your climb cable by pressing L2/LT and climb up.

In the middle of this new area, at the top of a short set of stairs, you’ll find the Path of Conviction database entry.

To reach the lower level on the opposite side of the mesa that contains the puzzle, use the vertical zip line located to the left of the database collectible.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Confidence Puzzle Database Location - GameClubz

But before you fall down the zipline, go to the opposite side of the shortcut, jump down, and use Force Push (R2/RT) to break the golden pot containing the Path of Conviction treasure.

After descending the zipline, press to grab the flying machine L2/LT and jump to the right platform. Check the image below for the exact location.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Confidence Puzzle Chutes - GameClubz

Let’s start by explaining how the Path of Conviction puzzle works. On the walls of these ruins are four ball slides with only three balls.

Please note that the numbers in the image above are intended to identify the roller carriages and are not intended to indicate the order in which you should perform steps or actions.

Our goal is to complete the construction of Rolling Slide #3 from start to finish and ensure the ball can roll from the bottom left corner all the way to the top without any obstacles or interruptions.

When solving this puzzle, it is important to note that certain actions or activities only have a temporary effect. In order to get the job done, we need to quickly complete the following steps marked in the image below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Confidence Puzzle Solution - GameClubz

First, pull the ball located in Roller Carriage #1 (Step 1). This will lower the left side of horizontal carriage #3 and align it with lower horizontal carriage #2.

After that, quickly grab onto the floating machine and land on the left platform (step 2), then push the ball in roller sled #2 to the right (step 3). Check out the image below for a visual reference.

This must be done very quickly before the ball returns to its original place in Roll Chute #1.

This will cause a stone platform to appear next to roller chute #4, which will allow you to access roller chute #4.

By pressing the ball on trolley #4 you can connect the top section of trolley #3.

Now return to the platform with roller slide #1 and prepare for a challenge.

In the image below we’ve marked all the steps you need to follow to line up all the pieces and slide the ball to the very top of roller slide #3. Also, we will give you clear explanations for each step and the corresponding result.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Confidence Puzzle Walkthrough - GameClubz

Let’s start by dragging the ball into roller chute #1 (Step 1), latch onto the flying machine and land on the newly created platform (Step 2). Then drag the ball down roller chute #4 (step 3).

After that, quickly drop onto the platform below and slide the ball into roller chute #2 (step 4), then grab the flying machine again and land on the platform to your right (step 5).

Finally, when you land, slide the ball all the way up in roller slide #3 (Step 6).

As mentioned above, you need to be very quick while performing all the above steps, which can be frustrating if you are a casual gamer.

If you messed up after step 4 and didn’t manage to push the ball in time in step 6, you have to repeat all previous three steps from the beginning and try again.

Once you’ve completed all the steps, grab the nearby zip line to return to the top of the Path of Conviction Ruins. Climb the stairs and slide the ball down the roller slide one last time to solve the puzzle and reveal the reward – an extra perk slot.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Confidence Puzzle Reward - GameClubz

That’s it! Congratulations on successfully completing the Path of Conviction puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Don’t forget to visit our wiki hub page here for more puzzles and collectibles guides.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path Of Conviction Puzzle Guide