Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hunter’s Quarry Essences Locations

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hunter’s Quarry Essences are very useful collectibles, which in this case will increase your maximum power and give you an extra skill point.

Additionally, the two Essence collectibles are mandatory if you aim for 100% completion in the Hunter’s Quarry area.

The problem is that the collectibles are locked behind two small puzzles, and one of them requires the Force Lift skill, which you learn by progressing through the main story.

But don’t worry because as always we’ve got your back and in the guide below we’ll explain how to get that SW Jedi Survivor Hunter’s Quarry Essences collectibles.

Koboh Hunter’s Quarry Essences location map

First you need to know where to look; So if you don’t have the Essence Map upgrade, we’ve marked the locations of the two essences on the Hunter’s Quarry map below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hunters Quarry Essences Locations Map

Now let’s look at how exactly you can get the two collectibles.

Essence #1 (skill point): In a corridor

For the first SW Jedi Survivor Essence in Hunter’s Quarry to start from SW Jedi Survivor Rambler’s Reach Outpost meditation point.

Then, facing the settlement, turn left to see a vine-covered wall that you must climb.

Once at the top, look slightly to the right to see a yellow structure in the distance.

Go there to find a gate that you can open with Force Lift by pressing - GameClubz+- GameClubz/- GameClubz+- GameClubz on your PlayStation/Xbox controller.

Now go in and then forward until you come to a hole where you have to jump to the wall on the other side to reach the bottom safely.

Then climb onto the circular platform nearby and face the ramp. Be careful not to stand too much in the strange dust on the ground or you will die.

Go to the ramp, jump to the other circular platform and look for an Orb device in the corridor on the left.

Use the Force (hold - GameClubz/- GameClubz) to grab the orb, then throw it onto the first platform (press - GameClubz/- GameClubz).

Jump back onto the ramp and use the Force to get the orb into the socket on the first platform, but note that you need to move fast.

As you can see you now have a way out of the cave because the beam is coming out of the sphere.

Take a breather, then grab the ball device again and while holding it, head down the stairs. Note that the deadly dust cannot stay around the orb.

Keep holding the ball and head into the room to the left to place it in the socket here.

Then look around for the corridor where the first one is war of stars Jedi Survivor Hunter’s Quarry Essence is located as shown in the next image.

Move quickly through the dust and grab the collectible for an extra skill point.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hunters Quarry Essences locations

Essence #2 (Force Essence): In a small cave

After getting Essence #1, exit the cave and then go right, hug the mountain wall until you reach a couple of pools of water.

Stick to the wall and go through the water. Climb the ledges and you’ll soon reach a wall on the right that you can walk along.

So wall run, then double jump to grab the ledge and go left.

Jump to the other ledge, then to the vines on the wall and go left as far as you can then drop down.

Now enter the building next to you through the hole in the roof and go down the ramp.

Note that in this building you have one of the two SW Jedi Survivor Hunter’s Quarry Treasures and two of the nine databases available in the same area.

Once down the ramp, turn left to see a device that can slice BD-1 to spawn a Roller Mine in the room.

Have the mine follow you up the ramp and go right.

You will see the exit from this room on the right side which is blocked and to clear the way you need to throw the mine into the obstacle with the force.

Then have another Roller Mine follow you to the pools of water from earlier, and just before you reach them you can see another obstacle blocking the path into a cave.

Blast this obstacle with the mine as well to reveal the second Essence collectible in the small cave.

SW Jedi Survivor Hunters Quarry Essences Locations

Grab the essence to increase your maximum power and you’re done. Both Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hunter’s Quarry Essences collectibles are yours. But don’t forget to visit our wiki hub page here if you’re interested in other collectibles or puzzles in the video game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hunter’s Quarry Essences Locations