Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Seed Pod Location

Because of its level design and because it is an old facility, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor The Forest Array area only contains one Seed Pod collectible which, much like the treasures already discovered, is best tackled later.

Unlike other Koboh regions we’ve covered as part of ours Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki, Forest Array involves a complex puzzle to solve while attempting to help Cal reach the rehabilitation wing.

This puzzle stretches from the Forest Array Meditation Point to the Rehabilitation Wing entrance.

While navigating this area you can obtain some Forest Array collectibles, most require skills and abilities that you unlock later in the game.

Therefore, you should postpone the search for all collectibles and return to this area after completing Cal’s story.

When you come back you will have unlocked all the necessary skills and know how to approach this region to scavenge the remaining collectibles.

One of them is the Forest Array Seed Pod, which we will discuss below Star Wars Jedi Survivor Guide.

Koboh Forest Array Seed Pod location map

On our custom map below, you can see that the only Forest Array Seed Pod collectible you need to get isn’t very far from the meditation point.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Seed Pod map location

The problem is that when you first visit the Forest Array and gain access to the collectible, the path to the collectible is blocked. You have to move through this region.

Moving around the area and following the main objective, you will eventually reach the location we marked above.

If you’ve already finished the game and unlocked the Seed Pods Map Upgrade, you should be able to see the Seed Pod on your holomap. Here’s where to look for it in-game.

Seed Pod #1 (Goldenlight Moss): On the left side of a wooden platform

From the meditation point facing the Orb Coupler in the central Forest Array area, go right and follow the purple ray you used to clear the Koboh dust in the round building.

Get on the device in the center of the room, then turn right and swing on the pole to get to the upper platforms.

Now go left and drop into the area behind the crane, which you can activate to create a small shortcut.

From here descend into the wooded area behind the facility and turn right.

Follow the path up the hill in front of you until you see a wooden platform. There’s a Stormtrooper on it that you can push into the ravine behind the podium.

When you face the wooden platform, there is a glowing bush on the left that you can cut to get the Goldenlight Moss Seed Pod (see image below).

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Seed Pod Location Guide

After getting the Forest Array Seed Pod collectible, if you’ve finished the game you should check out our Forest Array Treasures Guide here or head back to Pili’s garden and plant the seed you just found as it’s one of the ten plants that you need to unlock The growth spurt Achievement/Trophy.

Last but not least, you are welcome to visit our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki for all other collectibles in the Forest Array region of Koboh.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Seed Pod Location