Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Databank Locations

The Forest Array database entries in Star Wars Jedi Survivor You can also best approach after completing the story and unlocking all of Cal’s skills and abilities except for one that can be missed if not acquired at the right time.

The Forest Array Databases, along with all the other collectibles we revealed as part of our complete Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki, will help you complete Planet Koboh 100%.

But since Star Wars Jedi Survivor The Forest Array area involves a complex puzzle, it’s best to look for it after the story to save time.

On top of that, along with access to all skills, you also get the Database Map Upgrade, which shows all Database collectibles on your mini-map.

Assuming you’re having trouble finding them, in the locations guide below, we’re going to discuss the six Forest Array databases Star Wars Jedi Survivorthe latest video game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Map of Koboh Forest Array database locations

The map below shows all of the Forest Array Databases you need to obtain in this large area of ​​Planet Koboh, and while you can obtain five of these later on, the first must be obtained when Cal first enters this facility.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Database Map locations

Of course, if you want you can try to get the rest as you approach the rehabilitation wing, but since you need additional skills and abilities like Dash, you will most likely waste time getting them.

Now let’s see where you can find them by following the order on the map above.

Database #1: Near the meditation point

The first Star Wars Jedi Survivor The Forest Array Database entry on the map above may no longer be available unless you get it when you find the Meditation Point.

As you can see below, to unlock this collectible you need to scan the Koboh dust barrier on the left side of the facility near the meditation point.

As you work to traverse this region, you’ll need to destroy the barrier so you can’t scan it later. This collectible is automatically unlocked for some players, but is missing for others. Stay safe and scan it with BD-1 when you first reach this area.

Guide to Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Database Locations

Database #2 (Indomitable): Inside a circular building

For the next collectible, you’ll want to move through the area by solving the Forest Array Puzzle. Finally, explore the Bilemaw Den region on your way to the section where the second database is located on our map above.

After dealing with the stormtroopers in the building, scan the shield on the wall.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Database Collectibles Locations Guide

Database #3 (Central Rotational Apparatus): In the central area

The third war of stars The Forest Array Database is relatively easy to find as it is related to the story.

You’ll find it in the center of the area, and the object you need to scan is the Orb Coupler.

The Orb Coupler plays a crucial role in solving the Forest Array Puzzle and will help Cal Kestis enter the Rehabilitation Wing.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor All Forest Array Database Locations Guide

Database #4 (Epic Moltings): On the other side of a broken bridge

After scanning the Orb Coupler, go to the rehabilitation wing and turn left after passing through the first gate.

Cross the bridge with the Dash ability, then on the right you will see some pipes and a white plate that BD-1 can scan.

Guide to Star Wars Forest Array Database Locations

Database #5 (Auxiliary Array Telescope): Outside of a circular building

From the previous collectible, use the wall walk ability to cross a gap filled with Koboh dust particles, then cross to the next building.

There is another long bridge in front of you, and on the other side you can make out some yellow graffiti on a white plate.

This is the fifth searchable item in the Forest Array Database.

Jedi Survivor Forest Array Database Collectibles Locations Guide

Database #6 (Orb Amplifier): In a circular furnishing room

Finally, after scanning the previous object, climb the grate on the right, then grab the ceiling and go left towards the ramp that will allow you to get to the roof of the round building.

Drop into the room below and scan the device that projects the violet ray you used to destroy the aforementioned barrier (first database entry).

All Jedi Survivor Forest Array Database Collectibles Locations Guide

Once you’ve obtained all six Forest Array databases and used all of our previous guides, the Forest Array area should be fully explored. So how about moving to a new region by following ours Star Wars Jedi Survivor guide here?

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Databank Locations