Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Treasures Locations

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Treasures are collectibles that are very well hidden in the foggy area on the planet Koboh.

However, if you want to 100% complete the Fogged Expanse area, you’ll need to find all seven.

Also, with said treasures, you’ll get seven Priorite Shards, which you can exchange for all sorts of items in Doma’s shop in the Rambler’s Reach Outpost.

With that in mind, you should check the following SW Jedi Survivor Discover the locations of Fogged Expanse Treasures and make sure you don’t miss any of the seven collectibles.

Koboh Fogged Expanse Treasures location map

It’s best to first take a look at our map of the Fogged Expanse area below, as we’ve marked the locations of the seven treasures on it. That is, if you haven’t unlocked the Treasure Map upgrade that reveals the collectibles on your holomap.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Treasures location map

Now let’s see how to get each collectible in the same order as on the map above.

Treasure #1 (Priority Shard): On a Scavenger Droid

For the first treasure in Fogged Expanse, you should start at the area’s meditation point and go up the slope next to it.

Then climb up the ledge and go to the metal platform on the right, from where you need to shoot a BD-1 Electric Dart at the blue fuse in the building on the left.

For the Electro Dart you have to press - GameClubz down On your PlayStation/Xbox controller, select the appropriate icon in the lower left corner of your screen by pressing - GameClubz To the rightthen press - GameClubz/- GameClubz shoot an arrow at the fuse.

As you can see, this triggered the wall on the right that came towards you.

You must now run along the wall to reach the other side of the gap, but time your jumps well as the wall will soon return to its starting position.

Once on the other side, go forward, climb the ramp, jump over the chasm towards the ledge as far as you can, and then hold on the rest of the way. When you land, you should see a Scavenger Droid running away from you.

Meet the droid who appears to have a bodyguard that you must defeat, and when you’re done destroy the little rascal as well to reveal the first treasure collectible.

If you don’t manage to destroy the plunder droid fast enough, you’ll need to rest at a meditation point for it to respawn.

The first treasure is found on a scavenger droid

Treasure #2 (Priority Shard): Under a pile of rocks

After you get Treasure #1, retrace your steps to the wall you walked over to get here.

This time, run on the other side of the wall to reach the cliff with the ramp on the left.

Then, facing the ramp, double jump and charge slightly right towards the cliff to find one of the two Fogged Expanse Essences and the second treasure.

To reveal the treasure you need to use Force Lift (- GameClubz+- GameClubz/- GameClubz+- GameClubz) on the cairn in front of another blue fuse.

The second treasure is under a pile of stones

Treasure #3 (Priority Shard): Next to a light

Now throw an Electrodart in the blue fuse next to Treasure #2 to open a shortcut, then go back to Treasure SW Jedi Survivor Misty Expanse Meditation Point.

Then head down the path under the wall where you previously performed your cool stunts to get the first two collectibles. However, stay to the left to get to the entrance of a cave.

Head inside and when you reach the edge, look right to spot the third Fogged Expanse Treasure next to a light.

The third treasure is found next to a light

Treasure #4 (Priority Shard): Near a post with four lights

After getting Treasure #3, exit the cave and go left until you reach a fork in the road where you need to choose the left path.

Go forward and hold on to the left wall to get to a pole with four lights near which there is a pile of rocks that you can use Force Lift on to reveal the next treasure.

The fourth treasure is found near a pole with four lights

Treasure #5 (Priority Shard): In the right hand of a skeleton

When you’re done with the previous collectible, head back down the path you took to get here and hug the left side. You’ll reach a cliff that descends next to one of the three Fogged Expanse databases.

Go down the slope and move forward to discover two walls you can walk across to get to the other side of the chasm.

Then go forward, go through the metal gate on the left (keep this in mind, because you will have to return here soon) and go down the slope to reach an area with a pile of seed pods.

Approach the edge on the right side of the area to find a skeleton behind a rock.

You will be able to recognize the fifth Star Wars Jedi Survivor “Fogged Expanse Treasure” in the right hand of the skeleton as shown in the next image.

The fifth treasure is in the right hand of a skeleton

Treasure #6 (Priority Shard): Near some dead trees

Now return to the aforementioned metal gate, use the force to open it, defeat the beast, then go past another database and reach a ramp that you can jump off to grab some vines.

Follow the vines until they are exhausted. Then jump onto the cliff in front of it and move forward to reveal a wall you can force nudge them against.

Then double jump and run to the wall, run on it as far as you can, double jump again and hold on to the cliff in front of you.

After reaching the cliff, go forward and turn left at the edge to spot a floating machine.

To continue you need the upgraded Ascension Cable, which you unlock during the main story.

Now jump towards the flying machine and hold on to it - GameClubz/- GameClubzthen aim for the dead trees at the top of the cliff you came from and release the button.

This will make you jump from the floating machine to the dead trees near which you can find another one SW Jedi Survivor Treasure of the Misty Expanse.

The sixth treasure is near some dead trees

Treasure #7 (Priority Shard): Next to a skeleton on a cliff

For the final collectible, you’ll need to hold on to the flying machine again, but this time aim for the cliff at the far end in front of it.

You should find the treasure next to a skeleton near some more seed pods on the edge of the cliff.

The seventh treasure is next to a skeleton on a cliff

You finally made it, Jedi! All seven Star Wars Jedi Survivor You have the treasures of the Misty Reach in your possession, but don’t hesitate to visit our wiki hub page here if you’re looking for more collectibles.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Treasures Locations