Star Wars Jedi Survivor Collapsed Passage Treasure Location

Star Wars Jedi Survivor The Treasure of the Collapsed Passage is the only collectible available in this small area between the Smuggler’s Tunnels and the Chamber of Duality.

You will reach the collapsed passage for the first time during the Bring the gyro module to Greez Main objective, and luckily you don’t need any special skills or unlocks to grab this treasure collectible.

Although the area is relatively small, it can be quite difficult to find due to its size and it blends in with its surroundings.

Therefore, in the following guide we will explain where to find the Treasure Collectible in the Collapsed Passage area of ​​Koboh Planet.

Location map of the collapsed Koboh Passage treasure

On the map below you can find out the exact location of the treasure in the area of ​​the collapsed passage.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Treasure Map of the Collapsed Passage

Also, below we will provide detailed instructions, landmarks and clues that will lead you straight to the whereabouts of the treasure.

Treasure #1 (Datadisc): On the edge of a platform

From the Collapsed Passage Meditation Point, jump onto the two circular platforms, then drop onto the platform below.

Run onto the two corrugated walls and drop onto another platform below.

Now climb up those platforms and you’ll have to run onto two more corrugated walls and then jump from one wall to the other to reach the top.

Once you’ve scaled the vine-covered metal grate, turn left and climb onto the metal grate that overlooks the entire area. Check the image below for the exact location.

You can find the treasure of the collapsed passage in Star Wars Jedi Survivor on the platform below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor collapsed passage treasure location

And that’s all you need to know about finding the Collapsed Passage Treasure in the action-adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Collapsed Passage Treasure Location