Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Konora’s Cherry Tree Shrine Puzzle Guide

Konora is a woman Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom NPC that you will surely meet while exploring the Central Hyrule area in the video game published by Nintendo, and even if you cannot romance her, this NPC contains a small puzzle that will help Link in his journey.

In particular, she gives hints on how to use the nearby shrine or the small altar behind her.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Konora’s Tree Shrine is one of those puzzles that is extremely easy to solve provided you pay attention to what the female NPC says. And no, not the part where she tells you she’s looking for the love of her life.

While you might be disappointed that you can’t date Konora, she’s a lot more important than you might think. Below you will find out how to tackle them or how to solve a quick riddle related to the Cherry Blossom Tree Altar.

Where to find Konora in Legend Of Zelda ToTK

Konora is located in the central Hyrule area, north of Yamyo Shrine. We recommend you to complete it and use it as a fast travel point if you want to get to the NPC later.

She won’t change her mind about you, but there’s no harm in seeing her once in a while. That is, before she moves.

We’ve marked their location on the map below so you can find them faster. Konora’s exact map coordinates are 0325,0528,0022.

In Legend Of Zelda ToTK, Konora is north of Yamyo Shrine

So head north from Yamyo Shrine and look out for a pink three.

Central Hyrule’s cherry blossom tree, as you can see below, is hard to miss due to its size and color. It’s also quite unique, which is probably why Konora chose it for a romantic date.

Under the pink tree you will find Konora

Now approach the NPC standing on the ground and pay attention to what he has to say. However, be aware that if you visit this place at night, he may be missed. In this case, you’ll want to rest during the day and return when Konora reappears.

How to solve the cherry blossom tree altar puzzle in Central Hyrule

If you approach Konora, she will tell Link that she is expecting her future girlfriend or the one she should fall in love with.

Unfortunately, Link’s face says otherwise, but don’t take it personally. Instead, focus on the rumor the NPC wants to share with you about a creature called Satori.

According to the NPC at the tree, this creature likes fruit, but it didn’t bring any. That’s probably why the love of her life is late.

Hopefully you have some fruit in your inventory, such as an apple, which is quite common. If you don’t have an apple, fast travel to Lookout Landing and buy one at the general store.

With the apple in your backpack, go back to the tree but ignore the NPC and look behind the tree to find a small altar.

Open your inventory, select the apple and while holding it drop it into the stone altar. Be careful not to drop it on the floor.

To solve Konora's riddle, throw an apple into the altar behind her.

After you drop the apple on the altar behind Konora, Satori will appear. The magical deer-like horse marks any nearby caves for you to explore.

Although they don’t appear on your map until you get close to them, you should be able to see some rays of light as you explore the horizon. This feature is very useful when exploring the world because, as you can imagine, the caves are quite rich in loot. So you don’t want to miss them.

To recap: First, find Konora north of Yamyo Shrine and bring back an apple. Then drop the apple in the small altar to solve the cherry tree blossom puzzle Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And if you find a way to romance Konora, let us know in the comments section below.

Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Konora’s Cherry Tree Shrine Puzzle Guide