Elden Ring Spiritcaller’s Cave Location Guide: How To Complete

elden ring The Cave of the Spiritcaller is an optional dungeon located on the eastern side of the Giant’s Peaks region and is home to the Spiritcaller’s Apostle, the Godskin Noble, and the Spiritcaller’s Snail.

In most places this dungeon is absolutely dark. You should bring a torch or lantern when exploring the cave in the video game developed by FromSoftware.

You also need two Stonesword Keys to open the dungeon’s entrance, so make sure you have them in your inventory.

In this guide we will show you where to find the Ghost Caller’s Lair, how to loot everything inside and how to reach the boss chamber.

Elden Ring Spiritcallers Cave Location – Where to find

The Cave of the Ghostcaller is located on the eastern side of the mountain peaks of the Region of Giants, on the western shore of the Frozen Lake.

Elden Ring Spiritcaller's Cave Location Where to find

To reach the Ghostcaller’s Lair, head east until you reach the Frozen Lake, and then south, hugging the shores of the lake.

You will eventually come across the entrance to the cave sealed with a statue of an Imp.

Interact with the Imp statue to open the entrance with two Stone Sword Keys.

Ghostcaller Cave location – How to navigate

Once you’ve reached and activated Site of Mercy, follow the narrow tunnel that leads to the next area and head north through the tunnel

Avoid stepping on the middle of the room with the cracked floor, as this will create a hole that will drop you onto the level below.

The following room contains a log that can be used to descend and a few ghost-formed enemies.

Elden Ring Ghostcaller Cave Location Lesser Ghostcaller Snail

The Spiritcaller Cave is full of smaller Spiritcaller Snails, similar to the boss in the Road’s End Catacombs, that will summon Spirit Ash to attack you.

To clear the areas quickly, defeating the Lesser Spiritcaller Snails will also kill their Spirt Ashes summon.

Kill the slug hiding in the bushes to the southeast and loot the nearby corpse to get 5x Arteria Leaf.

Go through the west tunnel until the path splits south and west.

Elden Ring Spiritcaller's Cave Location Dead End

If you go through the west tunnel, you’ll reach a dead end with three corpses that you can loot to get a Hero’s Rune [1]Golden rune [10]and a rune bow.

Walk down and follow the path west.

In the next section of the cave you will find a small Spiritcaller snail hiding in a bush that you must kill immediately and two corpses that you must loot to get a golden rune [12] and 2x frozen fat.

Elden Ring Spiritcaller's Cave Location Spiritcaller Snail in Bushes

From here, head south past the wolves until you find the two Lesser Spiritcaller Snails they summon, one on the left and one on the right side of the cave.

Once you’ve cleared the area, loot the corpses in the area to get the White Reed Armor Set (including the White Reed Armor, White Reed Gauntlets, and White Reed Greaves), Invigorating Smoked White Meat, and a Golden Rune [6].

Head south through a short tunnel to the dungeon’s boss chamber when you’re ready.

Location of Ghostcaller Cave – Boss fight

This boss fight has three parts: the Godskin Apostle, the Godskin Noble, and the Spiritcaller Snail.

Elden Ring Spiritcaller's Cave Location boss fight

Godskin Apostle is the boss of Spiritcaller’s Cave and he has a variety of attacks, most of which are physical.

After defeating him, you will face Godskin Noble. Unlike Godskin Apostle, his attacks are not just physical.

Once you’ve defeated Godskin Noble, the third and final part begins with the Spiritcaller Snail.

You can quickly kill him to get 70,000 Runes, the Godskin Wrap, and the Black Flame Ritual Summon.

That’s all you need to know to complete the elden ring Ghost Caller’s Cave. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment section below.