Dead Island 2 Safe Of Broseidon: Where To Find Brock’s Safe Key

dead island 2 Brock’s Safe Key allows you to open Broseidon’s safe, one of the many lockers you’ll find while exploring the Bel Air district at the beginning of the latest video game developed by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

dead island 2 However, Safe Of Broseidon cannot be accessed the moment you find it or during your first visit to the Goat Pen, simply because you have to advance the story to get Brock’s Safe Key.

Similar to Coach’s Car Trunk Keys, Brock’s Safe Of Broseidon Key is obtained by dealing with one of the zombies mentioned, and the guide below will tell you where to find the keys and how to get them from him.

Dead Island 2 Safe from Broseidon location

Before you start looking for Brock’s Safe Key, you should know where to find the Safe Of Broseidon Lockbox. you have to open

As you can see on the map below, this is specific dead island 2 The locker is in the Goat Pen Mansion on the southeast side of the Bel Air District.

Dead Island 2 Vault by Broseidon Key Location

The Goat Pen is an important landmark that you will explore as you play Call in the cavalry main task.

To get inside you need the Goat Pen Keycard, another key item that can be found on the middle floor of the mansion, specifically on the streamer’s desk in the western bedroom.

After getting the Goat Pen Keycard and continuing to explore the bedroom, you’ll find Broseidon’s Safe on the left side of the bed (pictured below) which, as you can imagine, requires Brock’s Safe Key.

Dead Island 2 Brock's safe key location

Now that you know where to look for the safe, let’s take a look at where to find Brock’s Key.

Where to find The Dead Island 2 Secure Key?

Brock’s safe key dead island 2 is located in the Goat Pen House in Bel-Air, but it’s important to note that it’s being carried by a zombie.

That means you have to fight for it. Also, the zombie spawns near the pool after the first night in the gym. To get the key from him you have to advance the main story and start the chosen ones story search.

The quest requires you to return to Bel-Air during the night. Eventually, as you approach the Goat Pen mansion, you’ll trigger the #clickbait side quest.

In this case, it is recommended to postpone the main quest and help Amanda Styles on the roof of the goat pen.

On your way to the rooftop in the poolside gym, look for a rather large unique zombie named Goat Pen Brock.

Dead Island 2 Brock's Safe from Broseidon Key Location

To get the keys you’ll have to deal with him, so make sure you block his attacks. If you can’t defeat him, you can return to this area after leveling up.

Once you’ve defeated Goat Pen Brock, get his keys and head back to the Broseidon safe. Inside you will find a random rare (blue) weapon. In our case it was a Guarding Mace.

Well done! Now that you know how to open the Broseidon safe, don’t forget to check ours dead island 2 Wiki Hub for more guides and walkthroughs.

Dead Island 2 Safe Of Broseidon: Where To Find Brock’s Safe Key