Dead Island 2 Halperin Security Safe: Where To Find The Guard’s Key

dead island 2 Halperin Security Safe is one of the lockers that you can open while exploring the Halperin hotel area in the video game developed by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

The Halperin Safe, located in a security booth, is a bit trickier than other lockboxes because in addition to the fact that you need the Security Guard’s Safe Key, you also have to deal with a Maglock Panel.

receiving the dead island 2 The Guard’s Safe Key is mandatory nonetheless, and it’s recommended because you’ll find a random rare (blue) weapon in the Halperin security safe.

So if you are wondering how to open the Halperin security safe and where to find the security guard’s key dead island 2in the following guide we explain everything you need to know.

Dead Island 2 Halperin safe location

Before we talk about the location of the security guard’s vault key, you should know where the Halperin security vault is located.

If you look at the map below, you can see that the security safe lockbox is outside the Halperin Hotel, which you can explore as part of the story.

Dead Island 2 Halperin security safe key location

Before entering the hotel, if you check the large courtyard at the location marked on our map, you will find a security booth.

In said cabin you will most likely see the Halperin security safe which you need to open. The problem is that the safe requires the security guard’s security key, while the cabin requires you to solve a small puzzle.

So let’s look for the key first.

Where to find The Dead Island 2 security guard key?

As well as Brock’s secure keyThe dead island 2 The security guard’s key is obtained by dealing with a unique zombie in the underground garage near the security booth.

Before you go inside, you should know that there are several enemies waiting for you. Therefore, it is recommended to search for the Guardian Key once you have completed all the story quests in the Halperin Hotel.

Once you start the chosen ones Story quest, you will be asked to return to Bel-Air, so stop at the cabin marked above. If you look at it, you will see a tunnel on the left that leads to the underground car park.

Slowly walk into the parking lot and look for the hotel security zombie (see image below).

Dead Island 2 Safe Key Location by Halperin Security Guard

As you can see, hotel security is accompanied by a crusher, so tread carefully. The crusher is not essential for the task at hand, but hotel security is mandatory to get the security guard’s key.

After getting the key, head back to the booth to deal with the maglock. As you approach the booth, go around it and destroy the white maglock box on the back wall.

Now return to the front window and look inside. At the door you should see a second maglock box. Start by breaking the wall, then hold - GameClubz/- GameClubz to aim the gun at the crate. Throw your weapon by pressing - GameClubz/- GameClubz as shown below.

Dead Island 2 security key location

After unlocking the guard booth, go inside and loot all the items, including the rare gun in the Halperin security safe by the window.

And that’s it, zombie hunters! Now you know how to open the Halperin security safe. So don’t forget to ask all your questions in the comments below and check out ours dead island 2 Wiki Hub for more guides and walkthroughs.

Dead Island 2 Halperin Security Safe: Where To Find The Guard’s Key