Dead Island 2: Where To Find Curtis’ House Keys

dead island 2 Curtis’ house keys play an essential role in the video game developed by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, especially if you’re a completer who wants to get all the collectibles and open all the lockers in the game.

That’s because Curtis’ house keys are in there dead island 2 grant you access to all rooms in Curtis’ Mansion in the Bel Air district.

Unlike Curtis’ garage keys, the keys to his house cannot be found while free roaming; But don’t worry because in the following guide we will tell you where to find them.

Dead Island 2 location of Curtis house

Curtis’ house keys are needed to open all the doors in the large mansion in the center of the Bel-Air district.

As you can see on the map below, Curtis’ House is located northwest of Alpine Dr and south of Emma’s Mansion.

Dead Island 2 Curtis' House Key Locations

As you approach the large mansion and check one of the doors leading inside, you will be asked for Curtis’ house keys. Here’s how to get them.

Where can I find The Dead Island 2 house keys?

As said, Curtis’ keys cannot be found in free roam just because they come as a quest reward.

To get your hands on them, you must first help Curtis deal with the zombies inside and outside his home.

Therefore, focus on the finishing touches The death of the party Side quest that becomes available as you play Call in the cavalry main task.

Once you’ve cleared Curtis’ house, go back to the NPC and you’ll get a golf club and Curtis’ house keys.

Dead Island 2 Bel-Air Curtis' House Key Locations

With the keys in your inventory, start by opening all the doors in Curtis’ house and get all the loot, collectibles, and crafting materials. Curtis’ House Keys also grant access to his valuable safe, but you need Curtis’ Key for the valuable safe, which you will receive later in the game.

Now you know where to find Curtis’ key dead island 2 make sure to check out our wiki hub page for more guides, walkthroughs, and key locations.

Dead Island 2: Where To Find Curtis’ House Keys