Dead Island 2: Where To Find Coach’s Car Trunk Keys

dead island 2 Coach’s trunk keys are quite similar to Curtis’ garage keys in that they aren’t tied to any quest, but they are important as they allow you to open the trunk of any black SUV you may spot in the Bel-Air District.

The coach’s trunk dead island 2 counts as one of the many lockers you’ll discover as you explore the luxurious Bel-Air neighborhood, but to open it you’ll need the carriage trunk keys.

These keys can be found while free roaming provided you know where to look for them. In addition, to get your hands on them, you must be prepared to fight a mini-boss that is more resistant than the random mobs you encounter at the beginning of the game.

So if you are wondering where to find coach car keys dead island 2we will tell you everything you need to know about them in the following guide.

Location of Dead Island 2 Coach’s car

Before we talk about the keys to find, it’s important to know where to look for the carriage and its lockbox.

As you can see on the map below, the Coach’s Car is at the intersection of Access Rd 782 and Access Rd 781, southwest of Emma’s house and north of Curtis’ mansion.

Location of Dead Island 2 Coach car keys

The car is a black SUV. If you walk around him and check his trunk, you’ll find that you need the trainer’s trunk keys. Let’s see where to find them.

Where to find The Dead Island 2 Coach trunk keys?

Coach’s trunk keys are a few steps west of his SUV, north of Curtis’ mansion. It is important to know that the keys are dropped by Coach Ace, a powerful zombie that you will encounter while playing early in the game Call in the cavalry story search.

Because it’s more resilient and because it hits hard, you might want to consider completing these death of the party Side quest first and unlock the workbench in Curtis’ Garage with Curtis’ Garage Key.

When ready, head west on Access RD 781 and check out the tennis court marked on the map below.

Location of Dead Island 2 Coach trunk keys

As you enter the tennis court, you will see Coach Ace feeding in the corner. If he doesn’t spawn, visit the location later in the day after completing the story.

Also, consider surprising Coach Ace with an attack from behind, and don’t forget to block his attacks.

Location of Dead Island 2 Coach trunk keys

Coach Ace is a runner, meaning he’s fast but also vulnerable to electricity, and because of his size you can practice your jump kicks on him.

After dealing with Coach Ace, look at the ground to find this dead island 2 Coach’s Car Trunk Keys, then return to his car and open the lockbox to claim your rewards.

And that was it! Now you know where to find Coach’s car keys, so head to ours dead island 2 Wiki Hub where we cover more important items you need to find and all quests in the game.

Dead Island 2: Where To Find Coach’s Car Trunk Keys